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Members' Benefits 會員優惠

Members' Benefits 會員優惠

Members' Benefits 會員優惠

Unique Gift for Young Friends Members




<自己友> 襟章  

Welcoming Gift 演藝青年之友迎新禮物


Simply fill out the registration form of Young Friends of the Academy to receive a limited-edition accessory as a welcoming gift.

成功申請<演藝青年之友>會員,可獲得限量版迎新禮物  <演藝出沒注意 >  掛飾。

YF keychain 29.5.2024.jpg

Young Friends of the Academy are welcome to join our exclusive events. Please be sure to flash your membership card to our staff to receive a limited-edition accessory. Supply is limited and given out on a first come first served basis. Sign up for our activities today!

如你已經是會員都歡迎在參加我們的 演藝青年之友專屬活動時,show出你嘅 會員證,即可向工作人員領取<演藝出沒注意 >  掛飾。數量有限,先到先得,即刻參加我 哋嘅活動!

Unique Buddy Badge
會員專屬<扣人心弦> 盲盒

In addition, members will receive a random exclusive blind box containing a unique Buddy Badge at each event. Collect all 36 badges - and you may even score one of the 6 ultra rare hidden designs. The more events you join, the higher your chances of winning big!

除此之外,會員每次參加演藝青年之友專屬活動時,均可隨機抽取<扣人心弦> 盲盒一個,36款「自己友」襟章等你來集齊,還有一定概率抽中其中6款隱藏版,參加活動越多,抽中幾率越高!

blind box graphic-01.png


Chinese Opera Series


Ever wondered what opera headwear or battle flags look like? What classic designs are used? Can you identify the sound of the traditional Chinese instrument? The Opera series pins feature elements from opera hats, battle flags, and musical instruments to showcase the charm of Chinese opera. Learn more about the traditional costumes, props, and music through these collectible enamel badges.


Dance Series


Capturing the dynamism, rhythm, and iconic moves of dance, from ballet to dynamic stage performances - that's the inspiration behind this badge collection. Designs reflect the interplay of movement, light and motion that dance brings to the stage. If you have a passion for the art of movement, these collectible enamel badges are calling your name.


6 Souvenir – PINS-06.jpg


6 Souvenir – PINS-07.jpg


Drama Series


You're familiar with Shakespeare's iconic quotes, but did you know why "boredom" was a strength for imaginative dramatist? See if you can find the connection to Walter Benjamin. These enamel badges also use colour as a symbolic element to represent different aspects of dramatic tension and conflict. Dive deeper into the world of theatre through thought-provoking design inspired by great names in drama.


Film & TV Series


Take a nostalgic trip through cinema and television with these badges featuring filmic elements like films and pixelated icons. Let your imagination run wild in front of the camera with a call of "321Action!"


6 Souvenir – PINS-08.jpg


6 Souvenir – PINS-09.jpg


Music Series


For any musician, continuous practice is the key that unlocks the stage. Whether vocalist, string player or pianist, music is what brings these artists' talents to life. Pay tribute to your passion and the performers' dedication with badges featuring iconic musical instruments and motifs. This collection celebrates the universal language that transcends cultures - music.


Theatre & Entertainment Arts Series


Behind every performance is a team effort masterfully coordinated from the wings. Through communication devices and specialized tools, these professionals bring vivid stage, lighting and audio visions to life before audiences. Experience the world of production through badges that honour the technical expertise enabling live creative works. Discover your passion for backstage support roles.


6 Souvenir – PINS-10.jpg


You may have noticed a mysterious                   featured in each collection.

These six-badge series contain rare hidden designs available only by lucky draw.

Land one in your mystery box and show it off on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #HKAPAYF

and be sure to tag @hkapayf (Instagram) or hkapa.srce (Facebook).

Who will uncover the secret sixth design?

你一定很好奇,以上每一個系列的襟章為什麼都有一個                  。


記得@番hkapayf (Instagram) 或hkapa.srce (Facebook)



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