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Film and Television Productions 電影電視學院製作

播映日期 Date:

30/4/2022 (六 Sat)

節目內容 Programme: 

1. 電影電視學院學生作品 -《雛·夏》(2021)

    A film by School of Film and Television students - Almost Summer (2021)


2. 電影電視學院學生作品 -《何敏登陸》(2017)
    A film by School of Film and Television students - Landing (2017)


Approx. 55 mins


節目簡介 Programme Details


Almost Summer 

20 分鐘 mins|廣東話 Cantonese|中英文字幕 Chinese and English subtitles|2021

主創團隊 Crew members:彭家浩 Pang Ka-ho、李家茹 Lee Ka-yu、李芷穎 Li Tsz-wing、陳杰釗 Chan Kit-Chiu

影片簡介 Synopsis:

天生有過度活躍症的鎧廸,一直都被患癌的單親母親無微不至地照顧。直至⋯⋯今年初夏,他終於鼓起勇氣嘗試跳出母親的藩籬,踏出成長的旅途。與我們體驗一個不一樣 的「雛。夏」!

Before launching the voyage of growth, Hoi Tik, who was born with ADHD, is looked after by his mother in every possible way. Tragically, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. In this early summer, Hoi Tik gathers his courage to try and jump out of his comfort zone, and out of his mother's suffocating love to embark on a journey of growth. Let us all experience a summer that’s one of a kind!



29 分鐘 mins|廣東話 Cantonese|中英文字幕 Chinese and English subtitles|2017

導演 Director :黃淦 Wong Kam, Oscar

影片簡介 Synopsis:


Man Ho, who has always been taken care of, is being forced to face a reality that she has tried to escape since the sudden death of her mother. All ruthless realities conspire to push her into an abyss of hopelessness. The homeless girl has no choice but to work as a nightshift caregiver in a home for the elderly. However after an encounter with a grumpy granny, Li reflects, and eventually finds her way forward...

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