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演藝對談 HKAPA Conversations: 陳頌瑛教授 Prof Anna CY Chan


Career Pathway and Outlook of a Dance Artist

講者:香港演藝學院舞蹈學院院長 陳頌瑛教授

Speaker: Professor Anna CY CHAN, Dean of the School of Dance, HKAPA


What does a Dance degree offer you for future job options? Is it only training to become a dancer, dance teacher or maybe a choreographer? Contrary to those frequent misconceptions, there are a range of career paths and job opportunities for dance graduates. Dance majors bring a wealth of workplace skills besides “movements” and “aesthetic”. In this talk, Professor Anna CY Chan, Dean of the School of Dance, will share how the School nurtures their students as 21st century performing artists.


陳頌瑛教授是位資深表演、製作、策劃、藝術行政及藝術教育工作者,現為香港演藝學院舞蹈學院院長。陳教授於2014至2018年擔任西九文化區表演藝術舞蹈主管,並於2018至2019年出任舞蹈顧問。 她曾獲頒「香港舞蹈年獎」(2004年)、「城市當代舞蹈達人」(2016)及「香港舞蹈年獎」崇高的「傑出成就獎」(2018年),以表揚她在推動舞蹈教育及香港舞蹈發展的貢獻,並在創作、表演及舞蹈持續發展方面帶來革新。

About Professor Anna CY Chan

Professor Chan has over thirty years of experience in the dance world as a performer, arts educator, producer, curator and administrator. Currently she is the Dean of the School of Dance at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). She was the inaugural Head of Dance at the West Kowloon Cultural District from 2014-2018 and served as dance consultant from 2018-2019. She was awarded Hong Kong Dance Award in 2004, City Contemporary Dance Laureate in 2016 and the prestigious Hong Kong Dance Award for Distinguished Achievement in 2018 in recognition for her indefatigable work in dance education, promotion of Hong Kong dance, and innovations in ways to create, present, and sustain the development of dance.


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