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招募演藝青年之友KOL Be our Young Friends KOL

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Young Friends現正招募不同風格的KOL推廣表演藝術!

只要你是Young Friends會員,並且在3月31日前以電郵(提交一張型格獨照及一段對演藝學院的期望,你就有機會成為Young Friends的KOL。

你不但會出現在宣傳品上,更可優先參加2023 Project A 暑期活動!機會難逢,立即行動!


1) 型格獨照

- 檔案格式:GIF/JPG/ PNG

- 檔案大小:5MB內

- 備註:不能過度修圖或遮掩面部

2) 個人分享

- 題目:「我對演藝學院的期望是…」

- 可選以下其中一種方式進行分享:

A. 短文


檔案格式:Word / Excel / Powerpoint

B. 短片


檔案格式:mp4 / wmv / mov / avi

截止報名日期 :31/3/2023


Retro? Industrial? Hispter? Post-modern? Go-with-the flow?

Whatever style you are, we see your potential in performing arts!

Young Friends of the Academy (Young Friends) is looking for KOLs of different styles to promote performing arts!

If you are a member of Young Friends, please submit your stylish portrait with a short sharing via email ( by 31 March 2023.

You'll have a chance to become our KOL, appear on YF promotional materials and enjoy priority enrolment in your choice of activity from the upcoming Project A Summer Programme!

Requirement for stylish portrait and short sharing

1. Stylish portrait

- File format: GIF / JPG / PNG

- File size: under 5MB

- Remarks: Applicants should not over-editing or over-cover their faces

2. Sharing

- Topic: “My expectations for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts are...”

- You can choose either of the below formats:

A. Short paragraph

Word count: Chinese 100 words

or English 80 words

File format: Word / Excel / Powerpoint

B. Short video

Duration: under 30 seconds

File format: mp4 / wmv / mov / avi

Enquiries & Application:

Application Deadline: 31/3/2023


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