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Academy Dance: School of Dance Fall Performance 演藝舞蹈:舞蹈學院秋季演出

School of Dance Fall Performances at the Academy Lyric Theatre marks a new beginning of this season’s productions. The SRCE office invited students to join the afternoon performance on 3rd & 4th December. If you wish to join any of the performances in the future, you are welcome to join our Young Friends of the Academy Scheme. So that you could attend the activities of the “Creative Journey” hosted by the HKAPA Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office.

With renewed vigour and three new works to be performed by 65 talented young dance students from ballet, contemporary dance and Chinese dance specialisations, it was an evening of novelty with breath-taking live performance.

The contemporary ballet choreographed by our alumna and former Hong Kong Ballet dancer Eve Chan, “Shade, and Shadows” exhibits the beauty, power, and freedom of classical movements.

“I Will Jump Over the Fire” is a dance piece by Spanish contemporary dance choreographer Jorge Jauregui Allue, which explores the idea of plants and nature as a metaphor for connecting with other peo-ple, expressing emotions, and uniting beauty and strength.

Lastly, “My Dance, Meshrep”, co-choreographed by Pasha Umer Hood and Wu Kam-ming, is an Uy-ghur dance piece, representing a cultural journey of Xinjiang traditional music and dance, with dis-tinctive ethnic characteristics.


Hundreds of students joined our Dance Performances 過百名學生親臨演藝欣賞舞蹈演出



《樹之歌》 是西班牙現代舞編舞家邱晉樂的作品,探索植物和大自然的概念,作為與他人連結、情感表達以及將美與力量結合的隱喻。

最後,由帕夏·吾賣爾和胡錦明合編的新疆維吾爾族舞蹈作品《舞 · 樂,麥西萊普》透過傳統音樂、舞蹈藝術的文化之旅,展現出民族特色。


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