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Creative Journey 2021/22 Outreach Programme– Register now! 《演藝之旅》2021/22 外展計劃報名開始啦!

Excited to jump-start your creativity and performing arts abilities?

Join our Creative Journey outreach programme 2021/22! You will have the chance to attend a wide range of performing arts activities in Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts, including stage performances, workshops, film screenings and exhibition guided tours, etc. These performing arts experiences will enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons in history, culture and social phenomena. All activities are free of charge. Register now before all seats are gone!

Don't forget to become Young Friends of the Academy! As a member, you will receive a RFID blocking card holder as a welcome gift and you can enjoy discounts at some stores. When you participate in our Creative Journey activities, you can collect Young Friends pins.





Start your Creative Journey 開展你的《演藝之旅》:


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