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Discovering the Dramatic Space: Drama Workshop & Drama Open Dress Rehearsal戲劇進行中: 戲劇工作坊及觀賞演出總彩排

We invited a group of secondary school students to join us for the Drama Open Dress Rehearsal and Preview for A Lie of the Mind, a tale about two families rocked by sudden violence. Students attended a 90-minutes pre-show workshop in November to understand more about the process of creating a play.


A Lie of the Mind《雪𥚃尋謊》

Blinded by jealousy and rage, Jake believes he may have murdered his wife Beth. While Jake seeks refuge in his mother's home, his brother Frankie goes to Beth's place to investigate and finds himself caught up in the confusing currents of longing and revenge. A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard is a tale about two families rocked by sudden violence.


Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office



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