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演藝對談 HKAPA Conversations: 陳詠燊導演 Director Sunny Chan


How to identify your talents through the creative process of performing arts?

講者:香港演藝學院 電影電視學院講師(編劇及創意發展) 陳詠燊導演

Speaker: Sunny Chan, Lecturer (Screenwriting and Creative Development), School of Film and Television, HKAPA



Sunny Chan has a passion for storytelling since a young age. His latest box office success – Table for Six (2022) – is the highest-grossing Hong Kong-produced comedy in the local film history. His film which he directed and wrote the screenplay for – Men On The Dragon (2018) – received 11 nominations in the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In this inspiring talk, Chan explains the importance of developing passion for performing arts and the creative process as a way to understanding oneself and finding one’s own path. He shared how his passion for storytelling led him to pursue screenwriting at the Academy – a training ground for his creativity and filmmaking skills which catapulted him to success in the local film industry.


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