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Project A - Art is For All Launches 全新Project A 網上節目及工作坊

Project A – Art is For All - All of you, all skill levels, all the time. We are here with you during this time, guiding you through the way of art.

Every day, you can sit on your couch and enjoy our wonderful online programmes, including Academy productions, expert talks, alumni radio interviews etc. Looking for more active activities? Join our online workshops to get your creative juices flowing - Stretch your body through Yoga for dance or try art jamming.

All are free of charge. Join us to discover the artist in you!



全新 Project A – Art is For All 每日都會把精彩節目帶到你屋企,讓你觀賞演藝學院製作、專家講座、畢業生電台訪談等。 心郁郁,想參加活動?歡迎你參與網上工作坊,學習瑜伽幫助你舒展筋骨,或者同我們一起玩吓art jamming , 讓你的創意源源不斷!



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