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Dance Summer Performances 2021 

播映日期 Date:

26/4/2022 (二 Tue)

節目內容 Programme: 

1. 《直到重遇那一天》Till We Meet Again

2. 《聚》Coven


Approx. 55 mins


節目簡介 Programme Details

《直到重遇那一天》Till We Meet Again


《直到重遇那一天》是一部由阮日廣創作的當代芭蕾舞作品,將愛、喜樂、悲傷、希望、靈性和情感聯繫在一起 。Choreographed by Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Till We Meet Again is a contemporary ballet that ties love, joy, sorrow, hope, spirituality, and emotions.



來自英國的舞蹈學院駐院藝術家Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere江華峰,則特別為現代舞學生精心編排了新作品《聚》:一所假想的庇護所,讓我們團結在一起。

School of Dance Artist-in-residence Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere from the UK especially choreographed a new piece, Coven, for contemporary dance students – an imaginary sanctuary that gives us a sense of unity, bonding us together as one.

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